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VICTORY was established in 1972. We have been continually helping

recovering addicts gain recovery and return to a functional life style. Our

experience ranges from Licensed treatment to outpatient counseling to

Sober Living Homes. We have expanded our services to include working

with many aspects of mental health, life style change and support for other



  • We have a network of Sober Living Homes and Treatment Centers that we refer people to.

  • We are engaged in doing community education and seminars in regards to substance abuse and mental health issues.

  • We network with and work collaboratively with various agencies, (bothprivate and government), in addressing homelessness, addiction, mental health and lifestyle changes.

  • We mentor those individuals or agencies who wish to open an SLE and/or a non-profit. We have helped establish many programs both in the U.S. and abroad. We are able to provide this service at no charge because of the revenue generated by our donated vehicles

  • is a vehicle donation program designed to help raise funds for Santa Cruz Clean and Sober Homes, a local 501(c)3 California non-profit organization. The revenue brought in by the donated vehicle has allowed our organization to operate independently.

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